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Welcome to my publications website. Here you can find many of my recent Journal publications for downloading, click on the buttons provided on the right hand side. The downloadable documents are pre-publication versions or abstracts (because of copyright restrictions). Use the directory to the left to access other work. 

Meyer, Klaus E. & Xin, Katherine R. (2018)

Managing Talent in Emerging Economy Multinationals: Integrating Strategic Management and Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, forthcoming  

Meyer, Klaus E. (2018)

Catch-Up and Leapfrogging: Emerging Economy Multinational Enterprises on the Global Stage International Journal of Economics of Business, forthcoming  

Li, Jing; Meyer, Klaus E., Zhang, Hua & Ding, Yuan (2017)

Diplomatic and Corporate Networks: Bridges to Foreign Locations Journal of International Business Studies, advance online  

Meyer, Klaus E., Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd & van Witteloostuijn, Arjen. 2017.

What’s in a p? Reassessing Best Practices for Conducting and Reporting Hypothesis-Testing Research Journal of International Business Studies, 48(5), 535-551  

Meyer, Klaus E. (2017)

International Business in an Era of Anti-Globalization Multinational Business Review, 25(2): 78-90.  

Rungsithong, Rapeeporn, Meyer, Klaus E. & Roath, Tony (2018)

Relational Capabilities in Thai Buyer-Supplier Relationships Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, forthcoming  

Meyer, Klaus E. (2017)

Comparative Management with Chinese Characteristics: Commentary and Reply to Oded Shenkar

Quarterly Journal of Management 2(3): 154-163[in Chinese]


Hobdari, Bersant, Gammelgard, Jens, Li, Jing & Meyer, Klaus E. (2017).

The Home Country of the MNE: The Case of Emerging Economy Firms, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 34(1):  

Santangelo, Grazia & Meyer Klaus E. (2017)

MNE subsidiaries’ outsourcing and insourcing of R&D: The role of local institutions Global Strategy Journal, 6(2), 149-159.


Meyer, Klaus E. & Benito, Gabriel R.G. (2016).

Where do MNEs locate their headquarters? At home!

Global Strategy Journal, forthcoming


Estrin, Saul; Meyer, Klaus E.; Nielsen, Bo B. & Nielsen, Sabrina T. (2016)

Home Country Institutions and the Internationalization of State Owned Enterprises: A Cross-Country Analysis

Journal of World Business, 51(2): 294-307.


Meyer, Klaus E. & Peng, Mike W. (2016)

Theoretical Foundations of Emerging Economy Research

Journal of International Business Studies, 47(1): 3-22


Meyer, Klaus E. (2015)

Context in Management Research in Emerging Economies

Management and Organization Review, 11(3): 369-277


Meyer, Klaus E. (2015)

What is Strategic Asset Seeking FDI?

Multinational Business Review, 23(1): 57-66


Yang, Wei & Meyer Klaus E. (2015)

Competitive Dynamics in an Emerging Economy: Competitive Pressures, Resources, and the Speed of Action

Journal of Business Research, 68: 1176-1185.


Cui, Lin, Li, Yi, Meyer, Klaus E. & Li, Zijie (2015).

Leadership Experience meets Ownership Structure: Returnee Managers and Internationalization of Emerging Economy Firms

Management International Review, 55(3): 366-387.


Klossek, Andreas, Meyer, Klaus E. & Nippa, Michael (2015).

Why Do Strategic Alliances Persist? A Behavioral Decision Model

Managerial and Decision Economics,


Meyer, Klaus E. & Su, Yu-Shan (2015)

Integration and responsiveness in subsidiaries in emerging economies Journal of World Business, 50(1): 149-158  

Meyer, Klaus E., Ding, Yuan, Li, Jing & Zhang, Hua (2014).

Overcoming distrust: How state-owned enterprises adapt their foreign entries to institutional pressures abroad

Journal of International Business Studies, 45(8): 1005-1028.


Cui, Lin; Meyer, Klaus E. & Hu, Helen (2014)

What drives firms’ intent to seek strategic assets by foreign direct investment? A study of emerging economy firms Journal of World Business, 55(3): 366-387  

Meyer, Klaus E. (2014)

What the Fox Says, How the Fox works: Deep Contextualization as Source of New Research Agendas and Theoretical Insights

Management and Organization Review, 10(3): 373-380 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Thein, Htwe Htwe (2014)

Business under Adverse Home Country Institutions: The Case of International Sanctions against Myanmar

Journal of World Business, 49(1): 156-171. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Estrin, Saul (2014)

Local Context and Global Strategy: Extending the Integration Responsiveness Framework to Subsidiary Strategy Global Strategy Journal, 4(1): 1-19 paper

Dixon, Sarah E.; Meyer, Klaus E. & Day, Marc (2014)

Building dynamic capabilities of adaptation and innovation: A study of micro-foundations (Yukos Case) Long Range Planning, 47(4): 186-205  

Meyer, Klaus E. & Thaijongrak, Ornjira (2013)

The Dynamics of Emerging Economy MNEs: How the Internationalization Process can advance future research.

Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30(4): 1125-1153. paper

Xu, Dean & Meyer, Klaus E. (2013)

Linking Theory and Context: Strategy Research in Emerging Economies since Wright et al.

Journal of Management Studies, 50(7): 1322-1346 paper background note

Meyer, Klaus E., & Helen Xia (2012)

British Entrepreneurs - Global Visions: How Start-Ups achieve Instant Globalization.

Business Strategy Review, 23(2): 52-57. paper

Santangelo, Grazia & Meyer, Klaus E. (2011)

Extending the Internationalization Process Model: Increases and Decreases of MNE Commitment in Emerging Economies

Journal of International Business Studies, 42: 894-909. paper

Tan, Danchi & Meyer, Klaus E. (2011)

Country-of-Origin and Industry FDI Agglomeration of Foreign Investors in an Emerging Economy

Journal of International Business Studies, 42 (2): 502-520. paper

Estrin, Saul & Meyer, Klaus E. (2011)

Brownfield Acquisitions: A Reconceptualization and Extension

Management International Review, 51(4): 483–509. paper

Meyer, Klaus E., Mudambi, Ram & Narula, Rajneesh (2011)

Multinationals and Local Contexts

Journal of Management Studies, 48(2): 235-253. paper

Tan, Danchi & Meyer, Klaus E. (2010)

Business Groups' Outward FDI: A Managerial Resource Perspective

Journal of International Management, 16(2): 154-164. paper

Dixon, Sarah E., Meyer, Klaus E. & Day, Marc (2010):

Stages of Organizational Transformation in Transition Economies: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach

Journal of Management Studies, 47(3): 416-436.  

Meyer, Klaus E.; Wright, Mike & Pruthi, Sarika (2009)

Managing Knowledge in foreign Entry Strategies: A Resource-based Analysis

Strategic Management Journal, 30(5): 557-574.


Estrin, Saul; Baghdasaryan, Delia & Meyer, Klaus E. (2009)

The Impact of Institutional and Human Resource Distance on International Entry Strategies

Journal of Management Studies, 46 (7): 1171-1196. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Sinani, Evis (2009)

Where and When Does Foreign Direct Investment Generate Positive Spillovers? A Meta Analysis.

Journal of International Business Studies, 40(7): 1075-1094. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2009)

Globalfocusing: Corporate Strategies under Pressure

Strategic Change, 18 (5-6): 195-207 paper

Meyer, Klaus E.; Estrin, Saul; Bhaumik, Sumon K. & Peng, Mike W. (2009)

Institutions, Resources, and Entry Strategies in Emerging Economies

Strategic Management Journal, 30(1): 61-80.



Venohr, Bernd & Meyer, Klaus E. (2009)

Uncommon Common Sense: Success Strategies for Mid-size firms

Business Strategy Review 20(1): 28-43.

prior working paper

Li, Peng-Yu and Meyer, Klaus E. (2009)

Contextualizing Experience Effects in International Business: A Study of Ownership Strategies

Journal of World Business, 44(4): 370-382. paper

Pruthi, Sarika; Wright, Mike and Meyer, Klaus E. (2008)

Staffing Venture capital Firm's International Operations

International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20(1): 186-205. paper

Estrin, Saul; Meyer, Klaus E.; Wright, Mike and Foliano, Francesca (2008)

Export Propensity and Intensity of Subsidiaries in Emerging Economies

International Business Review 17(5): 574-586. paper

Yang, Qin Anne.; Mudambi, Ram and Meyer, Klaus E. (2008)

Conventional and reverse knowledge flows in multinational corporations

Journal of Management, 34(5): 882-902. paper

Gelbuda, Modestas; Meyer, Klaus E. and Delios, Andrew (2008)

International Business and Institutional Development in Central and Eastern Europe (Special Issue Introduction)

Journal of International Management, 14 (1), 1-12. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2007)

Asian Contexts and the Search of General Theory in Management Research: A Rejoinder

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management 24 (4), 524-537. paper

Dixon, Sarah; Day, Marc & Meyer, Klaus E. (2007)

Exploitation and exploration learning and the development of organizational capabilities: A cross-case analysis of the Russian oil industry

Human Relations, 60 (9), 1493-1523. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2007)

Contextualizing Organizational Learning: Lyles and Salk in the Context of their Research

Journal of International Business Studies  38 (1), 27-37. paper

Bhaumik, Sumon K.; Estrin, Saul & Meyer, Klaus E. (2007)

Determinants of Employment Growth at MNEs: Evidence from Egypt, India, South Africa and Vietnam

Comparative Economic Studies, 49 (1), p. 61-80. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2006)

Asian Management Research Needs More Self-Confidence

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management 23, no 2, p.119-137. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Tran, Yen Thi Thu (2006)

Market Penetration and Acquisition Strategies for Emerging Economies

Long Range Planning, 39, no. 2, p. 177-197. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2006)

Globalfocusing: From Domestic Conglomerate to Global Specialist

Journal of Management Studies, 43, no. 5, 1109-1144 paper

Press release

Meyer, Klaus E. & Gelbuda, Modestas (2006)

Process Perspectives in International Business Research

Management International Review 46, no. 2, 143-164 paper

Meyer, Klaus E., Tran, Yen Thi Thu & Nguyen, Hung Vo (2006)

Doing Business in Vietnam

Thunderbird International Business Review 28, no. 2, p. 263-290 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Peng, Mike W. (2005)

Probing Theoretically into Central and Eastern Europe: Transactions, Resources and Institutions

Journal of International Business Studies  36, no. 6, p. 600-621 paper bibliography

Meyer, Klaus E. & Nguyen, Hung Vo (2005)

Foreign Investment Strategies and Sub-national Institutions in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Vietnam

Journal of Management Studies 42, no. 1, p. 63-93. paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Perspectives on Multinational Enterprises in Emerging Economies

Journal of International Business Studies 34, no. 4, p. 259-277 paperPrior Lit Review

Sinani, Evis & Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Spillovers of Technology Transfer from FDI: The Case of Estonia

Journal of Comparative Economics 32 (2004) no.3, p. 445-466 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Stakeholder Influence during Radical Change: A Coordination Game Perspective

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management 21, p. 235-253 paper

Nguyen, Ha Thanh & Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Managing partnerships with state-owned joint venture companies: Experiences from Vietnam

Business Strategy Review 15 (2004), no.1, p. 39-50 paper

Bevan, Alan A.; Estrin, Saul & Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Institution Building and the Integration of Eastern Europe in International Production

International Business Review  13, no. 1, p. 43-64 paper

Davis, Lee & Meyer, Klaus E. (2004)

Subsidiary Research and Development, and the Local Environment

International Business Review  13, no. 3, p. 359-382 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Lieb-Dóczy, Enese (2003)

Post-Acquisition Restructuring as Evolutionary Process

Journal of Management Studies 40, no. 2, p. 459-482 paper

Uhlenbruck, Klaus; Meyer, Klaus E. & Hitt, Michael A. (2003)

Organizational Transformation in Transition Economies: Resource-based and Organizational Learning Perspectives

Journal of Management Studies 40, no. 2, p. 257-282 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2002)

Management Challenges in Privatization Acquisitions in Transition Economies

Journal of World Business 37, no. 4, p. 266-276 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Skak, Ane T. (2002)

Networks, Serendipity and SME Entry into Eastern Europe

European Management Journal 20, no. 2, p. 179-188 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Estrin, Saul (2001)

Brownfield Entry in Emerging Markets

Journal of International Business Studies  31 (2001), no. 3, p. 575-584 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2001)

Institutions, Transaction Costs and Entry Mode Choice in Eastern Europe

Journal of International Business Studies  31, no 2, 357-367 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. (2000)

International Production Networks and Enterprise Transformation in Central Europe

Comparative Economic Studies  42, no. 1, p.135-150  

  Meyer, Klaus E. (2000)

Enterprise Transformation: Beyond the Agency Perspective

Economics Systems 24 (4), p. 396-399 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Pind, Christina (1999)

The Slow Growth of Foreign Direct Investment in the Soviet Union Successor States

Economics of Transition 7 (1999), no. 1, p. 201-214 paper

Meyer, Klaus E. & Mřller, Inger Bjerg (1998)

Managing Deep Restructuring: Danish Experiences in Eastern Germany

European Management Journal 16 (1998), no. 4, p. 411-421 paper


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