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Welcome to my publications website, where you can find many of my recent publications. The downloadable documents are pre-publication versions without the publishers' formatting (because of copyright).

This page contains selected publications in books, book chapters and other outlets. Use these links for journal publications.

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  Peng, Mike W. & Meyer, Klaus E. (2011/2016/2019) International Business, 1st /2nd /3rd edition London(UK): Cengage Learning. See details
Meyer, Klaus E. 2020 Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Economics, Cheltenham: Elgar. Cheltenham(UK): Elgar.  
Grosse, Robert & Meyer, Klaus E., eds., 2019. Oxford Handbook of Management in Emerging Markets New York: Oxford University Press, 888 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-068394-8  
Chen, Weiru; Ding, Yuan; Meyer, Klaus E.; Wang, Gao & Xin, Kathrine R. 2018 Global Expansion: The Chinese Way London (UK): LID Publishing  
  Meyer, Klaus E., ed. (2008) Multinational Enterprises and Host Economies Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar - forthcoming. See details flyer

Meyer, Klaus E. & Estrin, Saul, eds. (2007)

Acquisition Strategies in European Emerging Economies Basingstoke, Palgrave-MacMillan, ISBN 1-4039-9854-X    See details sample chapter
  Co-contributors: Jamie Anderson, Zoltan Antal-Mokos, Mieczyslaw Bak, Andras Bauer, Valdone Darskuviene, Delia Ionascu, Camilla Jensen, Przemyslaw Kulawczuk, Kristina Simkute, Anna Szczesniak and Krisztina Toth.  

Estrin, Saul & Meyer, Klaus E., eds. (2004)

Investment Strategies in Emerging Markets Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1-84376-781-3     flyer sample chapter
  Co-contributors: Laveesh Bhandari, Sumon Bhaumik, Tran Ngoc Ca, Stephen Gelb, Subir Gokarn, Heba Handoussa, Ha Than Nguyen, Hung Vo Nguyen, Maryse Louis and Azza Shinnawy.  

Meyer, Klaus E. (1998)

Direct Investment in Economies in Transition Aldershot, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1-85898-736-9

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Book Chapters

Meyer, Klaus E. & Wang, Yi (2015)

Transaction Cost Perspectives on Alliances and Joint Ventures: Explanatory Power and Empirical Limitations

Elgar Handbook of International Alliances and Network Research, edited by Jorma Larimo, Niina Nummela and Tuija Mainela, Cheltenham: E. Elgar.



Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro Meyer, Klaus. E. & Ramamurti, Ravi (2014) Explaining the Internationalization of emerging economy multinationals: The relative resource specialization of firm and environment mechanism in: Yaprak, A. & Demirbag, M., eds. Handbook of Emerging Market Multinationals. Edward Elgar, forthcoming.  
Meyer, Klaus E. (2014) Process perspectives on the growth of emerging economy multinationals, in: A. Cuervo-Cazurra & R. Ramamurti, eds., Understanding Multinationals from Emerging Markets, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming paper
Meyer, Klaus E. (2008) Foreign Market Entry in: Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, Princeton University Press. paper
Jakobsen, Kristian & Meyer, Klaus E. (2008) Partial Acquisitions: The Overlooked Entry Mode in: Dunning, J.H. and Gugler, P., eds. Recent Advances in International Business Research, Elsevier Science, p. 203-226, ISBN 978-0-7623-1475-1. paperflyer
Estrin, Saul; Meyer, Klaus E. & Bytchkova, Maria (2006) Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies in: Mark Casson, Bernard Yeung, Anuradha Basu, and Nigel Wadeson, eds.: Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 693-725. ISBN 0-19-928898-4. paper
Meyer, Klaus E. & Jensen, Camilla (2005) International Business and Government Relations in Central and Eastern Europe in: Robert Grosse, ed.: International Business and Government Relations in the 21st Century, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 119-145. ISBN 0-521-85002-9.  paper
Meyer, Klaus E. & Nguyen, Hung Vo (2004) Red Carpets and Red Tape: Institutions and the Geography of FDI in Vietnam in: Serge Perrin and Fréderique Sachwald, eds.: Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Leveraging the Role of Multinationals, Paris: Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD). paper
Meyer, Klaus E. (2005) Privatisation and Corporate Governance in Eastern Europe: The Emergence of Stakeholder Capitalism in: Reinhart Lang, ed.: The End of Transformation? Munich: Hampp, p. 11-42. ISBN 1-87977-929-5 paper
Meyer, Klaus E. (2001) International Business Research on Transition Economies in: Tom Brewer & Alan Rugman, eds: Oxford Handbook of International Business, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 716-759. ISBN 0-19-924182-1 paper

Other Publications

Meyer, Klaus E. (2005) Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies Policy discussion paper in preparation for Emerging Markets Forum, Templeton College, Oxford, December 2005 paper
Meyer, Klaus E. (2003) Corporate Governance in Transition Economies The Capco Institute Journal of Financial Transformation, no. 9 (Nov), p.30-38  paper

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