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Welcome to the historical town of Bath, a 90 minutes train-ride West of London. These pages takes you for a walk in the town, which is a UN World Heritage site. The following pages take you on a scenic walk to Bath University, through the campus of the University of Bath, and then down again via Bathwick Hill. We start at the city's most famous landmark, the Abbey.

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Behind the Abbey are one of Britain's most famous remains of the Roman empire, that rules the country 2000 years ago. The Roman Baths have attracted tourists from Roman times to the present day. In the open air part of the museum, you can wander around the hot springs, and wonder what it might have been if you had come 2000 years ago.

After a visit to the museum you may want to relax and take a walk along the river Avon, and watch the boats by Pulteny Bridge.


Continue your walk through the town, marveling at the architecture of the 18th and 19th century: Pulteny Road, the Guildhall and window shopping.

If you come in early spring, you may also join Bath Rugby Football Club, right in the centre of town.

click here to for scenic walks up to the University, and down again via Bathwick.

text and photos: Klaus Meyer, 2008

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