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Welcome to my 'presentations' website. Here you can find presentations that I have given to various audiences over the years. Often they complement research papers published elsewhere.

Please note that we retain all copyrights to this work. When citing, please refer to the published papers, or if not related t the paper, as a webpublication obtaoned from www.klausmeyer.co.uk along with the original date. To download a pdf file, click on the title of the presentation. Note that the file size for some of these presentations is quite large.

Title Date Audience Notes
Managing the Subsidiary of the Multinational Enterprise April 2020 INSEAD Research seminar synthesis of JIBS 2020 paper
Brexit: What trade arrangememnt will the UK and EU have in the future? March 2020 Ivey HBA, MSc and EMBA students  
Hitler's Citzenship: Braunschweig 1932 November 2019 History students @ Western University  
What is really new about Chinese MNEs? June 2019 EMIC Conference, Stockholm University summary of several of my papers
Innovation offshoring, institutional arbitrage and innovation performance: A meta-analysis December 2018 EIBA conference, Poznan JMS 2019 paper
Transaction Cost perspectives in IB: Explanatory Power and Limitations August 2017 Keynote, Vaasa IB conference  
Researching anti-globalization themes: Factors contributing to the rise of anti-globalization August 2017 Academy of Management, Atlanta, panel contribution  
What's in a P? Let's improve research practice  July 2017 AIB Conference, JIBS paper development workshop synthesis of our 2017 editorial in JIBS
The 'Good Enough Market: Opportunities and Risks for European companies November 2016 German Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai  
Reflections on the JIBS Decade Award June 2015 Acceptance speech at plenary at AIB in Bangalore early version of our 2016 JIBS paper
Is 'institutional theory' a theory? December 2014 SMS Extension Conference, Melbourne  
Local Contexts in Global Business June 2014 Speech at Opening Plenary of AIB 2014 in Vancouver  
Current Research Trends: Strategy in Emerging Economies June 2013 Summer Research Forum at Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong  
Five Weddings and Two Funerals: An Excursion through the history of Braunschweig and England, February 2011 Bath German Society @ Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Poster
Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets, December 2009 JIBS/AIB Frontiers Conference, Charleston, SC, USA  
Perspectives on Entry Mode Research August 2009 Keynote Presentation at Vaasa International Business Conference    
The Context of Management: An Emerging Economy Perspective November 2008 Inaugural Lecture at University of Bath  
Research Directions for Business in Emerging Economies ( March 2008 Adjunct Professorial Lecture at Copenhagen Business School  
Foreign Market Entry December 2008 British Council Taipei, Fu-Jen University and other places  

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