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Walks along River Thames: from Maidenhead to Windsor and Runnymead

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At Maidenhead, the river passes under the main railway from London to Reading and the West. As we approach Windsor, the area becomes more fancy. Bray, just South of Maidenhead is home to some of Britain's most famous restaurants, and a yacht harbour.


From a footbridge between Bray Marina and Dorney, we catch the first glimpse of Windsor castle, and of the Rowing Lake near Eton.
Yet, Windsor castle is not the only Royal place in this area...
The rowing lake between Eton and Dorley is scheduled to host the rowing events at Olympia 2012.

Eton is mainly known for its college, where the rich and famous of England send their youngsters. 

Finally, we reach what is probably the world's most famous castle, the home of the Queen of England. On the playing fields between the Thames, Eton and Windsor castle, youngsters are practicing the most English of sports, cricket.

Beyond the Castle, the Thames Path continues to another small town call Old Windsor.

The Windsor Great Park, South of the Castle, invites for walks along the Long Walk and under old trees. You might encounter interesting people here ... that beautiful vehicle is mine, the other one is probably some minor Royal's ...

The meadows between Windsor and Staines seem unremarkable at first sight. Yet, eight hundred years ago, one of the most remarkable documents of English history was signed here. The barons had forced the king to the negotiation table, and in 1215 they met on neutral ground on these meadows near the Thames to sign the Magna Carta. To this day, this document is a basis for civil liberties and human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth.

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Text and photos: Klaus Meyer, 2008

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