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Walks along River Thames: from Henley to Hurley, Marlow and Bourne End

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From Reading to Henley the Thames is flowing North, and then it turns East at Mill End. At the old mill of Mill End, hikers cross the river via a long pedestrian bridge over the weir. The Thames path continues on the South side of the river over meadows and narrow paths; on a rainy day solid shoes are definitely an advantage.


Stately homes can be seen across the river, one near Medmenham is recorded on the map as a 'research centre'

As the Thames approaches Hurley, more and more private yachts can be seen by the river. After Frogmill Farm, the hotel at Danesfield is towering over the river. Hurley itself is home to many mobile home parks, that hikers are asked to surround, and yet another Thames lock.
East of Hurley, the Thames path continues across some meadows, where the old church in Bisham provides a focal point
Marlow is a bigger town with a historical town centre and public park, and a bridge that mysteriously resembles the Elizabeth Bridge in Budapest, may be because it was build by the same architect.

Beyond Marlow we again pass Meadows, this times with curious cows watching us, while looking out over fancy homes on the opposite slopes.

At Bourne End, the Marlow-and-Maidenhead railway line crosses the river, and hiker can cross over it too. From now on the Thames is flowing South towards Maidenhead and Windsor.

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Text and photos: Klaus Meyer, 2008

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