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The global financial crisis of 2009 changed many of the foundations of the economic system that businesses build on. Journalists and politicians offered their opinions, yet few of them seem to have a deeper grasp of the issues. Scholars may have some grounded knowledge to contribute, yet their natural inclination is to speak only to topics that thoroughly understand, and only after thorough analysis. In the fast moving public debates, scholars thus are often days, if not years, late in offering analysis and advice. So, public discussions is left to those who know to come up with a catchy one-liner quickest.

This blogs aims to offer a little bridge, and grounded opinions.

In trying to add depth to public debates, of course, I immediately hit the limitation that I may be an expert in the particular area that I conducted research on, yet policy issues need to connect with much broader issues, and do so while the topic is hot. Obviously, I cannot be an expert on everything and (contrary to certain politicians and journalists) I have no intention of pretending I understand everything.

If a professor says something, it is generally considered authoritatively, and backed by the esteem of the scholarly community. When I venture outside my specific area of expertise, however, I cannot and do not wish to claim such authority. My views and arguments are informed by my particular education and experience, which involves scholarly study and research of multinational enterprises and of emerging economies, as well as living in a number of different countries in Europe and Asia. Where possible, I will aim to offer linkages between public debates and scholarly work (and if applicable, my own research).

Obviously, some people are bound to disagree with me. That is natural. In fact, I expect that to be quite common because there is no point of me writing on those issue where I agree with the mainstream media and other commentators. Rather, I shall be picking issues where my experience offers an alternative perspective, or some knowledge or insights that not easily available to others.

OK, let's get going: Click on "Current" to see my views on contemporary issues, and on months in the archive to find older entries (it will take a few weeks to fill that up, though).


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