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A New Business School for the

University of Reading

The University of Reading is constructing a new building for the business school. Follow the news in this blog.

April 2008: The new buildings are taking shape

Mid August 2007: Digging even deeper holes, and filling them with concrete to stabilize the ground
Early August 2007: Digging big holes to create the foundations for the new buildings

Early July 2007: A clean sheet, ready for a new start!

(if only the rain would stop for a while...)

Late June 2007: The construction site takes shape, and the new main entrance to the business school is already visible.

Mid June 2007: Fondly remembered by dozens of students who took their first steps in Reading in the language centre, the LRC extension is nearing its end:

Early June 2007: Heavy machinery is arriving

Late May 2007: A wooden fence is going up around the parking lot, and the demolition teams move in. The windows and the roof are already on their way to recycling. 

May 2007: Careful dismantling of the roof of the LRC extension building start.

April 2007: Preparatory work starts - and a new parking lots emerges hidden behind the trees



Winter 2007: Snow stops preparatory work. Behind the LRC extension building, new temporary offices have been completed.




November 2006: Wokingham Council grants Planning Permission, and puts all the details online. Visit their website for the architects plans of the new buildings!


Autumn 2006: ICMA and LRC on a sunny afternoon



click here for more pictures:

the campus in autumn, university buildings,  the Berkshire countryside near Reading.

a 'view from the sky' of Reading and the university.

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